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Things That Just Make Sense in Our Apartment

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Having my first year of college online, I felt like I missed out on a lot of the fun freshmen experiences; one of which was dorming. While I skipped the dorm phase and directly went into apartments, I knew I wanted to make it a cozy place for myself and all of our guests. While doing some research myself and figuring out what works for my roommates and me, I’ve come up with a list of must-haves. Here are some purchases and things in our apartment that you need!

  1. A Whiteboard 

We did not buy a whiteboard specifically for our apartment, however, we have a small whiteboard on our fridge in our apartment. While I do wish it was bigger, it is one of the things we did not expect to be so useful. From writing our grocery list, group to-do activities, reminders, or announcements that we do not get to say in person, the whiteboard has practically saved us! I highly recommend getting one for your fridge or using washable markers (on glass)  at any common area that all of your roommates will pass by daily.

  1. Closet Shelf Organizer 

I’ve told everyone I know about this as it is quite literally one of the best purchases I’ve made for my apartment room. Sharing a room can make it hard to fit all our clothes or hang all of them up. Instead of having suitcases and boxes lying around your room get a closet shelf organizer. You can simply hang this up and place your clothes on the various shelves. It is also foldable!! I’ve linked the one I got here.

  1. Three Cube Organizer

Since some dorms and apartments do not always provide dressers, a small cube organizer will save you. There will be a LOT of miscellaneous stuff that you will find yourself having and it is a perfect way to store and put away in your closet. They are super convenient and you can even store more things on top of the cube! Here are some you might consider: #1 or something like #2.

  1. A First-Aid & Medicine Box

While this may seem basic, it is absolutely a staple. The frequency of getting sick on campus is much higher with large campus sizes and group gatherings. Thus, making a box with common medications for regular illnesses and first-aid equipment will keep you safe during times of need. I remember my roommate accidentally cut her hand while trying to cut an avocado on the second day of move-in. At that time we didn’t have any first aid and it was super frustrating. So, always be prepared! 

  1. A Water Filter

Buying a water filter for your apartment is an absolute must. It not only prevents you from spending money on plastic water bottles but all helps in reducing plastic waste and overall waste in your apartment. Filtering your water is beneficial as it can prevent the spread of waterborne illnesses and results in fresh-tasting clean water at all times. I use the Brita Water Filter but there are countless options on the market for you to pick from!

I hope this short but handy list helps as you try to figure out what you can add to your apartment, dorm, or home. Stay safe and good luck with the rest of the school year!!

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Hi! I'm Bhavya :) I'm currently a sophomore at Michigan State University majoring in Genomics & Molecular Genetics.
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