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There are Good Things about the COVID-19 Pandemic

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

I think we can all agree that 2020 was terrible with the ongoing pandemic that just doesn’t seem to have an end. Many negative things have happened, like financial losses, not being able to see friends and family, and the death of many. Life certainly has not and will not ever be the same. However, there are some good things that we can all take out of this pandemic and time of unrest. 


We can all appreciate family and friends a little more today. After the time that we had to spend a part, families are longing for their time together again. We took for granted the ability that we had to just drop in whenever we wanted. People also were living busier lives before, hardly reaching out to family and friends as well. The pandemic has taught us that time is precious and we should spend it more with the people we love. 


On the other hand, we have improved relationships with each other through the pandemic too. Families and couples have spent more time together than ever before. More parents have become more involved with their children. They have more time to talk to their children and more time to sit down and eat dinner together. Couples have also learned more about each other and grew a stronger relationship. Relationships across the board have reached another level of interconnectedness. 


We have a greater appreciation for the outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, we all miss indoor dining, bowling, movie theaters, and other indoor activities. However, we jump at the chance to eat outside with friends, socially distance in a park and exercise more outdoors. People go for more walks outside and do other outdoor activities like golfing. It seems as if the pandemic made us live more naturally and in fresh air. 


Lastly, I think I can speak for everyone when I say we have a much greater appreciation for certain occupations. Nurses layer up at work and go through emotional distress when witnessing first-hand the seriousness of COVID-19, when some complain when they just have to wear one mask. Truck drivers and mail carriers worked overtime to get the packages of millions across the country, or even the world, as we couldn’t enter stores. Lastly, we all realized how much teachers do for us. After many parents had to take on their job, we realized that teachers are more than just teachers. They are the students’ friends, therapists, idols and literally so much more. 

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