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The Urban Dictionary Quiz to Give Your Confused Elders

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Coming home from college to your modernly uneducated parents can be tough, but I am here to help. No longer are the days where your parents ask you, “Huh?” when you respond to a request by saying, “Bet.” Basic 2022 English slang can be tough, but luckily I am here to educate you. So sharpen your pencils and take note (I know your parents have difficulty typing on their phone) so you can finally talk to your child about the real tea.

Bops – a great song “The song WAP is a bop.”

Clap back – to respond to an insult with an equal or greater insult

Deadass – to be serious “Are you deadass right now?”

Extra – too much if you see Harry Styles in the street and you pee yourself, your friend might say, “You’re being extra right now.”

Facts – I agree with you; “That’s facts.”

Finesse – to steal; “I’m gonna finesse a bank.” (Please don’t do this!)

Finna – going to/doing something; “We finna watch a movie.”

Gotta blast – I have to leave;

High key – very obvious; “High key, I think I want pizza.”

I’m dead – that was funny; “I’m dead, but did you see when…”

Jawns – thing, person, place; You can use it in any sense! “Going to the jawn.”

Low key – not very obvious; “Low key, though, I want more pasta.”

No cap – No lie, for real; “No cap, that movie was better than Titanic.”

Nunya – none of your (business); a response to “what are you doing?”

On blast – to be called out, exposed

Periodt – see “facts”

Pull up/come thru – an invite; “pull up to the crib for a party.”

Slaps – is really good; “This pasta slaps.”

Slay (personal fav) – to do something well; “The way you made the pasta was a slay.” 

Snack – good-looking person; “Timothee Chalamet is a snack and a half.”

Sus – suspicious, shady; “The way you looked at me was sus, what’s the problem?”

Take the L – taking a loss, losing; “The other team against Michigan State University took the L in the game.”

Tea/Spill the tea – gossip, telling drama; “Girl, spill the tea on your boyfriend!”

Tight – to be cool or good

Tryna – trying to; “MSU tryna be undefeated this season!”

Tweaking – overreacting, acting out of the ordinary; “I was tweakin’ during the test, I was confused.”

We love that – approval of something; “A man opens the door for us, we love that for them.”

Yahurrd – are you aware?; “Clorox is poisonous, yahurrd?”

Yurr – affirmative, response to a call; “You wanna come over?” “Yurr, I’ll be right over.”

Whether you give your parents/family the scenarios or not, I think every generation should keep themselves really up to date with this updated vocab list. I learned some new ones as well. So take this as your sign to slay the day away!

Alex is a sarcastic, cat-obsessed senior at Michigan State University, studying creative advertising with minors in graphic design and media photography. She loves keeping her mind creative, whether that's on a laptop or not, her stream of conscious is always running. She is an editor and designer for HerCampus MSU and loves writing articles.