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The “Slowed and Reverb” Music Aesthetic is My New Aesthetic

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I’m sitting in my dark room underneath purple LED lights as soft Don Toliver plays from my laptop. I stare at the ceiling with only the glow of the laptop to illuminate my face. I’m lost in my head, daydreaming. I startle myself on occasion as my daydream pulls me back to reality, but the slow music and the purple lights bring comfort to my night. 

I have been listening to slowed and reverb music for a while now. It started with Hindi covers, then English, and finally Spanish. There’s satisfaction in finding a new version of a favorite song. But what does it mean to be a slowed and reverb song? According to WECB, any song can be slowed and reverb. The remix lowers a track’s beats and doesn’t necessarily require much editing. In fact, there are websites across the internet dedicated to simple song edits. 

The 80s aesthetic of the music, the slow beats, the low voices, and the vibe-like mood the music creates is perfect for daydreaming. As someone who is always in their head, I love background music to accompany my dreams. Slow and reverb music never fails to put me in a dreamlike mood. That “chill-vibes” aesthetic is something I am trying to incorporate into my own life. I want to become low-maintenance, smooth, and relax more often, and slowed and reverb music fits that lifestyle perfectly.

A Michigan State University student by day, an 8-hour sleeper by night Aditi would best describe herself as a "rather simple enigma." As she embarks on her college journey, Aditi cherishes the simple things in life: a cup of coffee, some pastel post-it notes, and her ever-growing succulent.
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