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The Best Activities to do Around Valentine’s Day

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

Of course, when we all think of Valentine’s Day, we think of going out to dinner and doing something fun with your significant other. This article is for all the ladies who are single, taken, or it’s complicated. These activities are for anyone who is looking for some fun things to do around Valentine’s Day that doesn’t rely on having a partner.

  1. Watch a Romantic Comedy

There’s nothing like a corny or quirky love story to lift up the spirits during a time of year that can be difficult for some people to go through. From Netflix to Peacock, these streaming services stream hundreds of romantic comedies. Some of the most popular romantic comedies streamed on Netflix include The Ugly Truth, Always be my Maybe, and Love, Guaranteed. There are many different options to pick from. Watching a movie after a long day of work and kicking back could be the perfect Valentine’s Day activity.

2. Bake a Sweet Treat

Another fun thing to do during Valentine’s Day is bake! From heart shaped cookies to chocolate chip cookies, there are hundreds of different recipes online that take only two hours, or less, to bake.

3. Go Out for Dinner with the Girls 

There’s nothing more exciting than putting on a cute outfit and hitting town with the gals! Having a Galentine’s Day with friends is nothing short of a fun night. Some restaurants offer Valentine’s Day themed food and drinks. Bring a card game and have a night! It can be so relaxing to kick back with friends and chat.

4. Go Out to a Coffee House 

A lot of cafes have Valentine’s Day themed drinks. Sometimes they have sprinkles, pink milk, or special deals. If you’re in college, this would be great for studying or hanging out with friends.

5. Make Valentine’s Day Snacks

There’s nothing more festive than any kind of Valentine’s Day food. A Valentine’s charcuterie board with chocolates, cheeses, and different candy could be delicious! It would be a great gift for your significant other. It could also be great for a Valentine’s party or just for hanging out by yourself for the night. Another good idea is chocolate covered strawberries! They’re easy to make and everyone loves them.

Maria is a staff writer for Her Campus at Michigan State University. Maria is a second year student pursuing a degree in political science on the pre law track. She also has a minor in law, justice, and public policy. Maria works as an MSU Tour Guide for prospective students, alumni, and athletes. In her free time, Maria loves to be outside and hang out with her friends. She has always had a passion for reading and creative writing.
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