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It’s easy to say that this year was definitely one for the books. The history books, that is. Going into Michigan State as a freshman was about as interesting as it could have gotten; there were cancellations, lockdowns, and many, many, many walks around the park. 

However, there was hope of getting involved in clubs and organizations even though everything was online. That was when I read up on HerCampus. Everything about it was appealing; the empowerment, the group of strong individuals, the ability to write about anything and everything. 

As a journalism major, this is the best club that I could have joined. It allowed me to grow and improve my writing as well as make connections along the way. 

Without the ability to meet the amazing individuals in HerCampus, I’m almost 100% positive that my freshman year would have been a lot gloomier than what it was (I mean, come on, I was sitting in my bedroom for 5 hours a day on Zoom). 

Because of HerCampus, I opened up personally and allowed myself to be vulnerable. This, for most, was something really challenging to do. HerCampus also allowed me to really understand the way that I like to write and what works and what does not. 

Having such a comforting and amazing team as well as space to really grow is an incredible opportunity because most journalists don’t get this type of opportunity.

With that being said, thank you so much HerCampus because without you I wouldn’t be as content and happy with my writing. I can’t wait to see what the next three years will bring!

Gabriella is a sophomore at Michigan State University majoring in journalism. After she finishes her undergraduate degree, she hopes to take a year to travel and experience cultures before getting back into school for her master's degree. She hopes of one day becoming a food critic or a travel writer. She loves learning different recipes as well as staying on top of fashion's latest topics and pop culture moments.
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