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Taylor Swift is the Music Industry

Taylor Swift made music history this past week with her release of her re-recorded album, “Red (Taylor’s Version), composed of 30 songs and sitting at 2 hours and 10 minutes long. 

The album took the record of being the most-streamed album in one day by a female artist and most-streamed female artist in one day, Spotify announced. 

As most probably already know, Swift is in the process of re-recording her previous albums which were sold against Swift’s wishes. Wanting to own her own music, she decided to re-record the albums, adding new “from the vault” songs on and even alterations to previous songs, like the 10 minute version of “All Too Well.”

“All Too Well” became an unanticipated fan favorite on the original “Red” album, which wasn’t even released as a single. The heartbreaking yet beautiful lyrics on the track tell the story of a rough breakup and remembering every detail and memory of the relationship “all too well.” It tells the feeling of wanting to forget, but your mind not letting you. The original song was around 10 minutes long, but when making the original “Red” album, Swift and her record thought a 10 minute song would be too long to put on an album. Ever since Swift revealed there was a 10 minute version of the beloved song, fans have been asking for it. So, on “Red (Taylor’s Version),” both versions of the song were included, and a short film accompanied the 10 minute version, starring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink.

Swift is known for leaving “Easter eggs” or small hints to her fans throughout her art and music. Fans are constantly trying to guess what move the artist is going to make next and put together the clues. Swift has said that she is constantly listening to her fans and is trying to give them what they want on these re-recorded albums. 

Arguably, Swift’s greatest talent in the industry is her songwriting. She is known for her eloquent, symbolic lyrics, making listeners relate to the song with their own experiences, really feeling the emotions that the song was intended to bring out. 

Swift has even written hit songs sung by other artists. For example, she wrote “Better Man” which was given to Little Big Town and released in 2016. The song won “Song of the Year” in 2017 at the CMAs. Swift released her version of “Better Man” on the “Red (Taylor’s Version)” album. 

Forbes reported that Swift’s estimated net worth is $550 million, making her one of the highest paid female artists. That number will likely grow if she decides to go on another stadium tour soon.

Swift has worked hard for her success, and has earned her records and awards. Stream “Red (Taylor’s Version)” on all streaming platforms!



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