Take Back the Night at MSU

Take Back the Night first appeared in the 70s. Women’s groups across the country were organizing and fighting back against the persistence of domestic and sexual violence in society. By the 1980s, Take Back the Night became a global movement in which women reclaimed the narrative on sexual violence and marched through the streets demanding to be heard. Ever since then, there have been marches every year all over the world, particularly on college campuses. Take Back the Night was named an official foundation in 2001. The foundation provides resources and support to survivors of sexual violence. The goal of the foundation is to uplift survivors by providing them with the ability to heal and speak their truth, as well as ending sexual violence as a whole. 

“Tonight we are going to walk together, all of us, to take back the night, as women have in other cities all over the world, because in every sense none of us can walk alone...Only by walking together can we walk at all with any sense of safety, dignity, or freedom.” - Andrea Dworkin, Take Back the Night San Francisco, 1978

Take Back the Night marches have been organized on MSU’s campus for many years. This year things look different. The events are fully virtual in order to comply with COVID-19 guidelines. The 2021 TBTN events will begin on April 12th and continue throughout the week. 

Here is the lineup of events:

Monday April 12th (6:00 PM-7:30 PM)

1. Sexual Assault Educational Panel 

Wednesday April 14th (6:00 PM-7:30 PM)

1. Self Care Night 

2. Letter Writing Campaign 

3. Survivor Safe Space

Friday April 16th (6:00-7:50 PM)

1. Slam Poetry and Singing Session

2. Candlelight Vigil

In addition to the events, the social media challenge asks students to submit their artwork, songs, or poetry in order to receive a prize. This challenge will end on April 14th at 1 PM, and three winners will be chosen. All submissions should be sent to [email protected]

These events will all be held over zoom, and students can register for the events here. Although Take Back the Night will look different this year, we have worked hard to ensure that the message of the organization runs through all of the virtual events we have planned. 

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