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Sustainable Kitchen Products That Make Life Easier on You and Our Planet

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Because your kitchen cupboards already could use some simplifying.

1. Stretchy silicone lids

Cover one, cover all using these reusable silicone lids. Why bother buying tupperware sets when all you have to do is pop a lid on a container you’re already using? P.S., it saves on cleaning dishes too.

2. Wax wrap

Picture this: pizza dough needing to be chilled, a block of cheese needing to be refrigerated, and a half eaten deli sandwich that needs to be saved for later. The answer? Wax wrap. Plastic and silicone free bee’s wrap allows for you to save on time and generating waste in the kitchen.

3. Reusable lighter

Does anyone else cook by candlelight? Or maybe you are having a BBQ. No waste, no lighter fluid needed. Just this reusable lighter and its charging cord! 

4. Metal straws

They’re great for the planet. We know this. Want to know the selfish reason why these are so loved? These metal straws offer a leveled up drinking experience in that your drink is even colder. Think: ice + water + insulated cup + metal straw = cold satisfaction.

5. Market tote for grocery shopping

YOU ALREADY HAVE THIS! At the very least, you have something similar. Yes, use your reusable tote for a day at the beach or for storing other reusable bags you have stashed away. But please, actually take it grocery shopping with you! Bye, plastic!

Before switching to any of these products, use up what you have. Either way you’ll get rid of it, so get your money’s worth!

Madeline Allen is an undergraduate student studying Media and Information at Michigan State University. Madeline is a staff writer and the Design Lead for HCMSU.