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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Disclosure: Sun Bum collaborated with the Her Campus Chapter Network to gift our chapter samples to distribute on the Michigan State University Campus.

Sun Bum creates a variety of natural products for not only your skin, but for your hair as well. Commonly known for their sunscreen, this wonderful company offers many more products that we hope everyone gets a chance to try. We received samples of four different everyday use products to try.

Salina’s Review –

Daily Sunscreen Moisturizer (SPF 30):

I loved this moisturizer so much! It’s not sticky or heavy and absorbed right into my skin. I reapplied a few times throughout the day, as you should do for any sunscreen, and every time I loved the whole experience. It has an airy, beachy scent to it – think warm sunrays, fresh fruit, and a slightly salty breeze. My skin is very sensitive and did not have any reaction to this product. I’ll definitely be using it more in the summer, only because I feel that it’s a bit too thin to be a winter product. Regardless, this is definitely a new summer staple for me.

Sun Bum Heat Protector (SPF 15):

I have been a loyal customer of this product for a while now. Living in a sunny place like San Diego means I really have to up my SPF game on all parts of my body. This heat protectant, while it sounds like it could be used for heat styling hair, is actually a spray on sunscreen for your hair and scalp. It keeps your scalp from burning, as well as protects your hair from UV ray damage that can make it frizzy, fragile, or tangled. The product has a very coconut-y aroma and I love it so much. Sometimes, I’ll just use it as a hair perfume when i want to smell beachy and fresh. This is a great product if you want to tan without a hat or if you’re doing outdoor activities like hiking or having a boat day!

Phebe’s Review –

Sun Bum shampoo:

This was my first time trying any shampoo product from Sun Bum. I was intrigued to see if it would be as effective as other hair care products I have used in the past. The shampoo smells like a long day in the sun at the beach, bringing that summer feeling to every hair washing day! The consistency is similar to that of a clarifying shampoo to target grease at the source. Because of this, it takes more shampoo than normal to create a lather for your scalp. However, this is 100% worth it as your scalp will be left looking refreshed! I have extremely sensitive skin and I have no dry scalp from using this product! Luckily the product is completely sulfate, paraben, and silicone free, which helps to not leave a buildup of product behind in your hair. It definitely has become a staple of my hair care routine!

Sun Bum conditioner:

I have been using the deep conditioning mask for almost a year now, and I was excited to use the standard conditioner on my hair. Not only does it have the great banana and coconut smell but it doesn’t add grease to your hair! It hydrates without leaving residue behind, allowing for users to wash their hair less frequently in the winter. It’s just as effective in helping dry ends retain moisture and look healthy for longer! I could get rid of any conditioner I own and replace it with this product for better results. It is a light formula that targets the core of the hair to give a lasting shine. Not only is it free of harmful ingredients, it is cruelty free, color safe, a vegan formula, and gluten free. All these characteristics make this duo great for many different consumers!

All four of these products, as well as those we’ve bought and experimented with on our own, have made significant improvements in our self-care routines. We highly encourage you to try out Sun Bum’s super affordable products to see what they can do for you!

Phebe Jones is the Treasurer for Her Campus at MSU. Jones is a senior studying biochemistry as well as molecular genetics. Jones has published many times by local libraries for summer writing contests. She doesn't write often in her majors and wants to keep in enjoying one of her favorite activities. In her free time, Jones enjoys: reading, videogames, horror movies, listening to music, and cartoons.
Junior from San Diego CA, studying international relations at Michigan State University! Also a sister of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority and a Starbucks barista.