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Stepping Outside the Sandbox


Only five weeks remain for our fellow Spartans and without summer plans the fact seems scary. Of course the freedom is inviting, but without a plan it can grow old. If you’re feeling like this, do a little research and with the help of Her Campus, plan the best summer you’ve ever had.


Music Festivals

If you have a free weekend (or two) head to a music festival. They typically last several days and can include a camping option allowing you to be a part of the experience. Don’t let the cost scare you away. Keep in mind, it can sometimes include your lodging and concert ticket. To check out a list of festivals coming up try, Music Festival Junkies.



Or if you’re looking for an alternate spin on this idea, go on a trip to see your favorite band at several locations! Check out their tour schedule and follow them to several (if not all) locations of their tour. Who knows, you might even get to have a conversation with your favorite musicians!


Go Visit Your Friends

Everyone’s going somewhere different for summer. Just because a friend is out of sight, doesn’t mean you can’t arrange a trip to go see them! Go solo or with a few others and head down to see them.  Planes might be expensive but driving, bus or even trains are never nearly as bad. If you want to plan out a good trip via bus and train, we recommend the site Wanderu to help with your adventures.




Without a lot of money to travel, try camping instead. Borrow a tent or an RV. Call a few friends and you’ve got a summer adventure. Have the excitement of making your own food, late night swims, stargazing and creating experiences you can’t typically have on campus.


If you love the camping life and want to make money doing it, it’s not too late to become a camp counselor. As kids we loved the freedom, friendships and good times camp created. Although we can’t do that anymore, we can make it happen for other kids. When searching for opportunities, don’t forget to consider day camps, overnight camps, sports camps or even summer camps run though Michigan State!


Go Abroad

We know you hear this often, but there are tons of options to travel abroad. Although it is last minute, there are still many opportunities available. You can volunteer, study, intern, tour or even backpack around. To get started, check out these helpful sites.




Just remember any summer adventure is better than none! A little planning can go a long way in terms of cost and how much you’re actually able to do. Start planning a summer worth looking forward to, and allowing tons of memories you’ll never forget. Only you can create the best summer you’ve ever had!

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