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When I used to hear the term “star-crossed lovers”

I would think of Romeo and Juliet

But now I only think of you

I only think of us

Our star signs align

Compatibility is perfection

But we are still in opposition

Our lives the same

Different reactions

The same path that took us in different directions

A star fell

And we chased different pieces of shrapnel

They say we’re made of stardust y’know

Maybe we’re part of the same star

The same star with a violent end

Brought us together with a violent beginning

Trying desperately to piece itself together

And now, we’re together

The stars aligned the day we met

A collision of light and love

But stars out of the sky are just pretty stories

Faithful wishes

So, just like a star, baby

Let’s be beautiful while it lasts

An ending is inevitable

Breakup or gaseous collapse

Overdose or light waves

Staying alive just for you

And then you taught me

In the end

We can always piece ourselves back together again

Emma Helrigel is a freshman at Michigan State University majoring in social work. In her free time she enjoys taking unnecessarily long naps, writing poetry, getting caught up on the most recent political events, and forgetting to stay hydrated.
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