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Stages of Cramming for an Exam

It’s that time of year again when it seems like you have three exams, a group project, and 1,000 papers all due on the same day. It’s a college student’s version of hell. And of course, since the semester is almost over, our motivation level is at an all time low. So, instead of getting our work done in a timely manner, we end up cramming the night before. Here’s the thought process getting us through it.

Stage one: Realization

OMG, I have a final tomorrow that I haven’t even started studying for! Why am I the way that I am…?

Stage two: False optimism

Okay, time to start studying. The study guide doesn’t seem too long and I am actually understanding some of these words.

Stage three: Breakdown

What the hell was I thinking?! I don’t know anything. How have I been going to class all semester and still know nothing?

Stage four: Procrastination

I’ve been studying for a minute, I need a break. Maybe I’ll make myself a quick snack.

Stage five: Get your life together

How have I been sitting here for two hours and still have nothing done? Time to grind this out.hank god for pre-made quizlets.

Stage six: Cry

I just want to do is sleep. College is too hard.

Stage seven: Acceptance

All I can do now is pray for a curve.

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