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Spring Break in College, As Told By Jersey Shore

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

As you’re packing, you tear apart your closet trying to figure out what cute outfits to bring.

You go tanning so you don’t look like Edward Cullen on the beach.

You get a fresh pair of “spring break” nails.

Maybe you even get your hair cut and highlighted.

And your workouts are in full force as you try to get that bikini bod in record time. 

Because at the end of the week, you’ll be on your way to sunshine and freedom. 

You make the long drive down with your friends.

As soon as you finally get there, you find the beach

and maybe the bar. 

Because spring break 2014 has you feeling some type of way.




And when the week is over and you have to part ways with paradise…

You’ll leave with memories of a lifetime and hopes for next year. 

Alena Davis is a senior journalism major at MSU and co-campus correspondent for HCMSU. She hopes to pursue a career in magazines based in New York or Chicago. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, Instagramming and excursioning with friends. Follow her on Twitter: @alenaadavis & Instagram: @alenadavis