Sit and Chat: A Discussion For Those Too Scared To Ask Questions

Hello and welcome! My name is Sydney and I am a contributing writer for HerCampus here at Michigan State. This is a new series that I am starting to answer the hard-hitting questions that can’t be found on the internet. The questions you are too embarrassed to ask your friends about. The ones where you need an unbiased answer. 

The way that this will run is that you will send an email with your question to the email address at the bottom of this introduction. NOTE: You will be kept anonymous, so if you want to be ~snazzy~, add a code name and hang onto it. I will then write you back and have it published in the following week. 

There is no such thing as a stupid question. People have questions that need to be answered and there are problems and concerns out there that cannot be fixed via the internet. But sometimes what you really need is just an unbiased opinion if you are going through something. Hearing an answer to a question from someone who has no say in the overall effect can help you see and understand things from a different perspective. 

Here are some very broad categories that you can write in about:

  • School advice

  • Relationship advice

  • Career advice

  • Mental and physical health advice

  • Unbiased reactions to potential decisions 

  • Girl-talk related issues

  • To the gents: any questions you have about girls

  • To my LGBTQIA+ Friends: Y’all are not exempt from this! Join the discussion and get answers and guidance where you want/need it. You have friends here :)

    Of course, the possibilities are endless. The questions will be filtered based on what is appropriate for our target audience, but for the most part, write in any questions or concerns that you have that you want answered. You have a question, I probably have an answer. 


I hope to hear from y’all with whatever you need. Happy asking!

[email protected]