Singles Appreciation Day

There’s one day of the year where singles feel particularly alone and that’s February 14th. Everyone is aware of this flashy, heart and chocolate-filled holiday dubbed Valentines Day. However, what everyone may not be aware of is the day after, which is called Singles Appreciation Day (or Singles Awareness Day). This unofficial holiday is a reminder that being single is ok. How can you celebrate Singles Appreciation Day this year?


Sales! Sales! Sales!

Take advantage of the Valentines sales and do a little shopping. Show yourself some self love, get that item (or items) you’ve had sitting in your cart forever.  Take advantage of stores trying to get rid of their valentines chocolate the day after Valentines Day. 

Get Dressed Up

We have all gotten used to lounging around in our sweats during quarantine. This is an opportunity to dig your party clothes out from the back of your closet. Get dressed up, take some cute pictures, and make yourself feel good. 

Unfollow Your Ex

This is the day where you should finally unfollow your ex. This is not the time to scroll through their feed looking at them or their new significant other. Move on! You’re single, time to celebrate that! 

Try a New Restaurant 

Why not use this as an excuse to try the restaurant you’ve been wanting to try? There might even be a special menu. Taking a friend along with you is so much less stressful than a date and just as fun. However, many restaurants still aren’t at full capacity so to-go or curbside pick up is always an option. Pick up your meal, put on a movie, and enjoy it from the comfort of your home. 

Movie Marathon

It’s the perfect opportunity to stay in and watch Rom-Coms while snacking on Valentine’s treats. Even if you can’t have a movie night with your friends in person, the chrome extension Teleparty lets you all watch the movie at the same time. 

Anti-Valentines Party

A party in person isn’t necessarily feasible right now, so a party via Zoom is a simple solution. You can make a playlist of songs about living up the single life or break-ups and make anti-valentines. 


Whether you're single or taken, you can show some appreciation for all the singles out there. Celebrate just because this is something to get excited about. This past year has been a lonely one for all of us so take a day to remedy that.