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Shravya Chanamolu, ‘23

Name: Shravya Chanamolu

Major: Human Biology

Minor: Cognitive Science

Hometown: Schaumburg, Illinois

Instagram: @shraverzdancez


What is your biggest hobby/passion outside of school?

Chanamolu: One of my biggest passions outside of school is dance. I love to dance because it is fun to learn while learning something new. It gives me a break from school, and I hit two birds with one stone by getting a good workout as well. I can also dance to some of my favorite songs while getting to know new people.

When and how did you get into it?

I started dancing when I was in kindergarten with Bharatanatyam, but I had to stop in sixth grade because I lost interest in the style. In junior year of high school, my family friend inspired me to start dancing again and this time, I was ecstatic to try all kinds of dance forms. During my free time, I would watch videos and learn different types of choreography.

What is your favorite style of dance?

My favorite style to learn is hip hop because it is challenging and intricate. It is also really fast and cool to learn and watch. I also love contemporary because it is a stylistic form where you have to match your expressions with the steps. I love how you can tell a story through the dance while being graceful.

Who is your favorite person/team to watch dance?

I would say 1Million Dance Studio because they have a variety of dance styles, and it inspires me to learn new choreography. The songs are popular as well so it is fun to watch and learn new choreography.

How do you think your life would be different if you didn’t start dancing?

If I didn’t start dancing, I probably would have been burnt out because of school as I wouldn’t have had any distraction from it. I wouldn’t have had a form of release, and I would have always been stressed out. I also probably wouldn’t have met my current friends now, which would suck, so I am glad I found dance as it gave me so many positives in life. 


Hi! My name is Meghana Jalagam, and I am a sophomore at MSU. I am double majoring in neuroscience and psychology, and I am on the pre-med track. My passions outside of school are dancing, reading, writing, trying new foods, and being social!
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