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While finals week can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming for us college students, I want to give some ideas that you can use to practice self care to help stay relaxed during this period. 

  1. Go take a walk around north campus! North is hands down the prettiest area we have here at Michigan State. While the leaves may have fallen and the gardens are not blooming during the winter, north campus still has so many pretty sights. The quietness of this circle is relaxing and can be the perfect place to escape some of your stress from classes! 
  1. Try a new recipe! Around my house, we love to cook and bake all types of creations. This can be a relaxing and fun activity you can try. I know we are all busy with our schoolwork and only want to cook ramen or eat cereal, but hey, why not spice up those simple meals into something new and exciting!
  1. Skin care nights with your roommates, best friends, your cat, you name it! Go grab your favorite face masks and serums and put on your favorite comfort show. There is nothing better than a post skin care night glow. Even if you don’t do as well as you want to on your exams, at least your skin will be glowing through it all!
Hi! I'm Lauren and I am a Senior Genetics Major and CC for Her Campus at UNH in a world where you can be anything, be kind :)