Said My Mother To Me

My love,

I prayed this day would never come

But you’re old enough to understand

And now your skin shines even brighter in the sun

So today we must talk

Even if it fills me with pain

Let us talk about the paths you’ll walk

And I must warn you

After this, you’ll never look at life the same


Still I must take your innocence

And teach you to be aware

I must teach you to be brave

But to still have fear

For the world we live in

My child, for you, it has no care


You are already sentenced

You are already doomed

You were born broken

A life to be filled with gloom

You will never be great

For that is your predestined fate


This and more you’ll hear

More and less refined

But don’t you ever believe it!

If you want, you can touch the sky

With this skin that I gave you

Take the world by surprise

Let your truth forever stand

And into ashes, burn their lies


You may be treated as less than 

But always remember that your worth is great

Far greater than the earth’s copious sand grains 

You may even feel small

And possibly ashamed

But if you remember nothing else that I’ve told you

Remember that God knows your name


In your blackness, stand tall

Wear your afro and be proud

Don’t ever be afraid to stand out in the crowd

And if a time comes where you must speak out

Don’t be silent

Use your voice

Like a canary, sing for what is right

But do be wise in choosing your fights


For you, the world isn’t safe

And far more than you

I am afraid

Still, when you’re out of my sight

I’ll cover you with a prayer

And hope you remember your mother’s words

Now go, my love

And be free