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Riley O’Connor, ’18

Name: Riley O’Connor

Year: Senior

Major: Dietetics

Hometown: Marquette, Michigan

What do you hope to pursue once you graduate?

I applied to dietetic internships mid-February, so I hope to hear back from them in the near future. If accepted and all goes as planned, I will complete a year-long internship, take the registered dietitian, or RD, exam, receive my RD credentials, and find a job in a community setting. Within the next five years, I hope to move to another country to use my knowledge, skills and resources there.

What have you learned the most from traveling?

When I travel, I like to immerse myself into the culture of whichever country I am in, and by doing so I have become a lot more open-minded towards the many different people, societies, religions, etc. that I have run into. I have also learned a lot about myself: I am more flexible, independent and love to put myself into an unfamiliar situation since I’ve started traveling.

Name a song is stuck in your head right now.

Visions of Gideon (always…)

What and who inspires you?

Planet earth, my mama, Ilana Glazer and Barack Obama.

Do you have any advice you’d give to your freshman year self?

Don’t try so hard to fit in.

If you could pick one, what do you think is your best trait?

I am willing to try anything at least once.

Top three artists that you’re crazy about at the moment.

Khalid, Vic Mensa and Lana Del Rey.

Something important you’ve come to terms with recently?

Not knowing what you’re doing after graduation is normal — don’t freak out about the future, what is supposed to happen, will.

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