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Review: New Lana Del Rey Album


The gothic diva has once again outdone herself in her newly released, sultry album titled “Honeymoon.”  Del Rey has been noted to have an adoration for Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, according to the Billboard website. This shows in the album cover, as she is depicted lying across a car with oversized sunglasses hanging off her nose. She also has a large, floppy sunhat haphazardly placed upon her head, delivering her perusal persona of an exasperated femme fatale.

The album resonates a truly dark hue, compared to her first album, “Born to Die” in 2011. Del Rey emphasizes her view that there cannot be love without loneliness. The lyrics from all 14 tracks echo the same message of love, loss, torture and ache. But, Del Rey keeps her same melodic, hypnotic, calm satire of a voice throughout the album. This time, it almost seems as though she is disconnected from herself, and a review on the Consequence of Sound website mirrors my thoughts.

Some seasoned Del Rey fans believe she has finally found her sound, such as chemistry senior Armelle Henley.

“I feel like she has finally settled into a comfortable thing that’s not so much the same as what she was doing before. I think ‘Honeymoon’ was a really good balance of some new styles and facets that she wants to introduce, mixed with her traditional classic Lana-style. I absolutely love it,” Henley said.

Personally, this album gave me the impression of a more depressed, chill listen. Most of the tracs are songs that I would listen to if I was having a night to get down with all of my raw emotions kept buried deep inside or if I was alone, being creative. The only song that I could vibe with friends to is, High by the Beach. That was the only track that resonated with me as a pop-oriented genre.

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