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Remembering Easter

For many years as a child, Easter was about dressing up in your Sunday outfit, going on an easter egg hunt, and being gifted candy from one of my family members who dressed up as the easter bunny. As I have gotten older I’ve realized that not only is Easter Sunday about the colorful decorations of eggs and bunnies covering stores and homes, but it is more importantly the representation of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I’ve felt inspired to create a poem about Easter for the remembrance of what holiday really means to me:

Easter Sunday is such a dazzling day

Remembering Jesus in a beautiful way

His resurrection brings us so much glory

These testimonies were written into a beautiful story

He tells us to seek the kingdom first when we need to cope

He died for our sins that gave us much hope

Jesus loves us as we shall love him

And each of our neighbors and each of our friends

As we can say in one last breath

Easter Sunday is about giving thanks to the one who saved us from death


Celebrate Easter by remembering the one who gave us the gift of eternal life! Remember that Easter should be a holiday that is a celebration for the world. Easter is not only a celebration, but it is also a gift that was given to us that we should forever cherish.


I'm currently a student at Michigan State University and I major in Neuroscience. I have a passion for music, writing, and science! Very excited to become part of the HC family!!
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