Raechel Ogne '18


Name: Raechel Ogne

Nickname(s): Cho, Ogre

Major: Pre-Vet

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Romeo, Michigan


Relationship Status: Single

What is your idea of a perfect date? Browse a bookstore with me because you can really tell a lot about a person by the types of books they pick up.

What’s your favorite food? Mac bites from Conrad’s Grill.

If you could meet anyone on Earth, who would it be? Vincent Van Gogh

What’s your biggest ‘what if’? What if I don’t get into vet school.

What’s your most recently watched on Netflix? Goon!

What’s your biggest turn-off? Being rude is just the most unattractive quality.

Wildest memory on campus: I was in line at a football game and some guy just pissed on my shoes.

What are your hobbies? Horseback riding, reading and just basically anything artistic.

Who’s your celebrity crush? Harry Styles.