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I am as queer as the day is long

How refreshing that is to type.

I am here and I am queer and I am finally getting used to it.

How many analogies can I whisper, shout, and scream? 

Queer like a favorite flannel; Queer like a sunny day; 

Queer like putting on a pink, faux fur coat – 

something that I never thought that I would do, but man, do I love it!

Do you know what queer means? This is my favorite part.

This label, this five-letter word that has meant so many different things –

to me, it means that I love whoever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want, 

and that I am finally, finally free.

What denied me my freedom for so long?

Fear. Fear coming from every possible direction.

Fear, which always seems to point back towards the people who try to shrink my life down to fit into a case before the Supreme Court, or into the living room of people who would murder happiness to reach heaven.

What freed me?

Imagining them pushing and shoving me into a tiny, little box, and being horribly unsuccessful, because I am much too big for them to handle.

I disgust them, I confuse them, I am dangerous to them –

and yet here I am.

They are wrong. They are wrong. They are wrong.

And yes, I love to type that too.

I am as queer as the day is long,

and on this day, I celebrate truth and its power.

I want you to let this poem fill you up, until you, too, are much too big to fit into their tiny, little box.

And then I want you to have a wonderful, abundant, beautiful, very queer day.


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