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Q & A with ATD Fashion Show Chair of PR and Promotions Committee

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Name: Heather JaroszMajor: Apparel and Textile Design, BFA | Graphic Design Specialization Graduation Year: 2014Hometown: Rochester Hills, MIPosition: Vice President of Fashion Design Student Association, Chair of PR and Promotions Committee for the 2014 Apparel and Textile Design Fashion Show


HC: What are the MUST attend events of FDSA Fashion Week? 

HJ: Wednesday is our Outfit-Of-The-Day Social Media contest. Participants hashtag #MSUFWOOTD along with a photo of their most fashionable outfit. Photos with the most “likes” get a gift basket filled with great stuff!

Thursday is the FDSA CAT Footwear Fashion Show Competition. For people attending, its a fun event to mingle with people interested in fashion and also see the work of our very talented members! (The first 50 attendees will recieve swag bags!)

Friday is a styling workshop held for designers to figure out last minute details for their designs. It helps us get organized before the big show the next day.

And of course, Saturday is the Apparel and Textile Design Fashion Show at the Wharton Center @ 7:00 p.m.

HC: 3 Reasons you love FDSA:
1. FDSA has formed into a close knit family in the past couple years. To have close friends that are dedicated to fashion and can share a good laugh inbetween all the hectic planning has been a great experience.
2. As a Senior, I love sharing knowledge to younger students and thats why FDSA was created, to help students get a leg up in the fashion industry.
3. FDSA also extends opportunities to members that can prepare them for internships and a career in fashion.

HC: What goes into planning a fashion show? 

HJ: PR and Promotions is just a small piece of what makes up a fashion show. Volunteers, Social Media, Models, and Choreography are just some aspects too. Our Faculty Directors, Theresa M. Winge and Rebecca E. Schuiling, along with our Senior and Junior Directors are the ones to thank for being able to put together such a huge event for MSU’s Apparel and Textile Design program.

HC: What will the day of the show be like for those involved?

HJ: There’s a lot of running around. We have photography timeslots, make-up/hair appointments and choreography schedules that we have to make, so we are very busy the entire day. 

HC: What can the audience expect to see on the Cat Walk?

HJ: The audience can expect designs exploring sustainable to classic to avant-garde fashion.

HC: How many pieces will walk down the runway on Saturday?

HJ: There’s close to about 100 pieces, that includes our lobby designs and accessories exhibit.

HC: What has been your main responsibility with helping with the show?

HJ: As PR and Promotions chair, committe members and I have been responsible for sending out press releases and distributing posters. I also designed this years poster, as well as the show program.

HC: What do you have submitted in the show?

HJ: I have two dresses in the show. One is a tranformation dress that displays a textile I screen-printed in class and the other is an exploration in pattern-making.

HC: How long, on average, did each garment take to make?

HJ: From ideation to creation, each garment took about 2-3 weeks to put together.

HC: How do you find inspiration for your designs?

HJ: I enjoy traveling and photography, so the photos I take on my travels, or collect along the way, serve as great starting points for inspiration.

HC: What do you hope the audience members take away from the ATD Fashion Show?

HJ: I hope the audience enjoys and appreciates all of the hard work that has been put into the show by students and faculty. There are a few exciting surprises in store, and I hope they leave inspired.

 Marissa Russo is a senior at Michigan State University studying  journalism with a concentration in apparel and textile design. Her love for writing coincides with her love for design, and after graduation she hopes to work at a publication that allows her to do both. Marissa is a co-campus correspondent for Her Campus MSU. Follow her on Instagram: marissrusso and Twitter: @marissrusso