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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Ranging from fashion to television, here are some of my favorite podcasts that I love listening to and recommend that people check out. 

“The Business of Fashion Podcast” 

If you are a fashion lover like myself, you’re going to want to check this one out. “The Business of Fashion Podcast” has really opened my eyes to the world of fashion. The discussions range from topics such as fashion week to breaking down renowned fashion pieces such as Diane von Fürstenberg’s iconic little dress. This is the ultimate podcast for those who want to know more about fashion. 

“Pink Shade” 

Hosted by Mary Payne Gilbert, this podcast serves the best reality TV breakdowns. Shows that she talks about include “Love is Blind” and the “Real Housewives” series. Gilbert also speaks with cast members of some shows, and it is interesting to hear their perspectives of certain scenes that happened in the show. 

“Pop Culture Happy Hour” 

NPR gives listeners a breakdown of all things pop culture, including movies, books, music, and more. Hosted by arts journalists Linda Holmes, Glen Weldon, Stephen Thompson, and Aisha Harris, you get to hear about a wide variety of fun topics. If you tuned into “Love is Blind” this season I recommend listening to them breakdown the ups and downs of season six. 

“The Run-Through With Vogue” 

This is another fashion podcast series that discusses Vogue magazine covers and red carpet looks. It also allows listeners to hear from those who work in the industry, such as stylists and designers. One of my favorite podcasts this year was when tennis superstar Coco Gauff discussed her Vogue cover, winning the U.S. Open, and her love for anime. 

These are some of my favorite podcasts that I enjoy listening to because they really go into detail about the topics that they are discussing. They are super enjoyable and entertaining. I recommend readers check them out.

Liz Thomas is a current junior at Michigan State University studying journalism. She enjoys working out, reading, watching tv, and shopping. She loves fashion and hopes to have a career in the retail industry.