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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

TikTok has been keeping its users up-to-date with the latest trends. One of my favorite parts of TikTok is all of the content surrounding everything related to pets. Reptiles, amphibians, fish, and furry friends have all found a way to make it into the hearts of the masses. Many keepsakes can be made for pets, but are not affordable. This led my family to try the trend to make art in a safe, fun way with your dogs with items found around the home. With acrylic paint, garbage bags, canvases, peanut butter and the participation of man’s best friend, it is easy to create a unique keepsake to display in the home. 

After making my own, I can say that with completing these steps you will be left with a wonderful piece of art that are unique to the behaviors of your pet.

  1. Pick your acrylic paint colors
  2. Leave drops of your chosen colors sporadically around the canvas
  3. Add drops of white acrylic paint with the colored drops
  4. Place the canvas in the bottom corner of the garbage bag
  5. Take a butter knife and put peanut butter in the outside of the garbage bag on the side of the canvas where the paint is
  6. Place on an easily cleaned surface, peanut butter side up
  7. Allow your pet to lick the peanut butter away (it is okay if not all of it is gone, let them lick for a couple minutes
  8. Remove the canvas(es) from the garbage bag
    1. Optional: Take the bag with the paint on it and blot the excess paint onto the blank areas of the canvas
  9. Set out to dry (this may take several hours)
  10. Label with your pets name, and hang to admire

I loved how unique the paintings from each of my dogs turned out. It is also a wonderful way to showcase the colors you associate with your pets and their personalities. Whether it is just to keep in remembrance of a pet, to decorate your home, or even to liven up a hallway, this fun project is a treat for our furry friends and for us to observe! 

Phebe Jones is the Treasurer for Her Campus at MSU. Jones is a senior studying biochemistry as well as molecular genetics. Jones has published many times by local libraries for summer writing contests. She doesn't write often in her majors and wants to keep in enjoying one of her favorite activities. In her free time, Jones enjoys: reading, videogames, horror movies, listening to music, and cartoons.