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I have been obsessed with cats for as long as I can remember. From literally crying when I finally met a cheetah in real life to pretending to be a cat with my grandparents, I wanted to know and be everything a cat is. Though, growing up with dogs, I had put a halt on the idea of owning a cat.

Until now.

I knew I was going to own a pet in college, whether it was a hedgehog or a dog, I knew I wanted a little companion by my side as a release from reality. 

The start of the pandemic really set me off on this idea of owning a kitten, and I nearly got the opportunity to get a free one last summer! So this past September, while moving into a house off-campus, I got my little Ophelia Dior. Everyone asks about the name, and honestly I just found the two on Pinterest and when put together they sounded fancy. 

When I first got her, she was only 6 pounds of shy fluff. She spent the first week under my bed and came out only for food when I wasn’t there, which made me believe it was not going to work. Even after a few weeks with us, being my three other roommates, Ophelia was careful anytime she came out and wouldn’t let anyone pet her. At this point, I was scared she didn’t even like me. The cat I dreamed about would cuddle with me and never leave my side…Ophelia wasn’t acting like that.

It wasn’t until the third month that my roommates and I noticed her coming around us and opening up more, being her goofy, adorable self. Now, months since first adopting her, she can’t leave my side…even in the bathroom! She meows when I leave and loves to snuggle with me. 

Her favorite toys consist of a shoestring, a tiny sponge—I’m pretty sure she got from the trash—and a mouse on a string…one of the many toys I actually bought for her. She loves to drag around the string and meow for someone to play with her…which I do plenty of, don’t worry. She actually went viral in December in a video my roommate made of her! Since her fame, she has been unbothered by anything and is living life….sleeping most of the time. 

She has completely changed the way I live and function, for the best. Mentally, I am the best I’ve ever been throughout my long, ongoing battles with depression, and I accredit it to Ophelia. Without her I would not have a nice structure to follow daily, not to mention just petting her can calm me down. Anytime I feel any hints of sadness, I remember I have a cat, and I go pet said cat. She’s my best friend and I can’t wait to spend a lifetime with her.

!Alexandra is a professional photographer, specializing in family portraits and glamour shots, but has a passion for writing!
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