An Open Letter to Myself

To Me:

You are the most committed, true-to-word person I have ever known. If you say you’re going to do something, you do it - no matter how long it takes or how emotionally draining it may become. Even if it’s something beyond your control, you do everything within your power to make it happen anyways. You said that you were going to go to college, and you’re there. You wanted to be a writer? You’ve almost graduated with a degree in journalism. You’ve never given up on any of the relationships in your life, even when they were looking bleak. I never really tell you this, but I am so proud of you.

Not only are you committed to defending your goals and relationships, you are trustworthy and dedicated to keeping your word to others. You are honest above anything else, and you could never let down someone you love. There are few people in this world who will stand by those they love, no matter the circumstances, but you give your full heart to the ones who deserve it. That is an admirable and special thing.

You may get overwhelmed or feel unmotivated at times, but you always have the crazy ability to get the job done - and done well - no matter what. You are organized, methodical and creative; you put your best into everything that you do. I love that you are confident in your abilities and that you have never needed your accomplishments to be validated by others. Everything you have done has been for yourself, and no one can take that from you. Your mind is unbelievably complex, and you should feel thankful for your ability to think through all of your decisions, while also listening to the intuitiveness of your heart. It is a great balance.

Through everything, you have incredible strength - strength that coincides with your admitted weaknesses. You have the strength to pull yourself together, even when it feels impossible. But even more importantly, you have the strength to allow yourself to be vulnerable when you need to be. You have the strength to cry when you need to cry - even if it’s more often than you’d like, and you have the strength to believe in hope and the power of love. You recognize that sometimes it would be easier to walk away, but you are strong enough to choose what is right for you, even when it’s hard.

I love you for the times when you let yourself be free. You love to laugh and you love to love - you are at your happiest in those moments. I love that you live for the little things, because you know that without those moments, you might never make it to the big ones - and even if you did, they might not mean as much to you. You keep a small circle, but that only makes you appreciate the connections, love and support around you so much more. You open your heart to few, but those who get it should feel lucky to know you and lucky to be loved by you.

You’re loyal, you’re sassy and you know what you want. Girl, you’re a catch - don’t ever forget that.

Love, Me