Kayla Bacon-Friends Sitting On Road

Oh, The People You’ll Meet!

Maybe you came into school with five of your closest friends. Great! Maybe you met your people at orientation. Also great! College is a time of discovery—a time to uncover what you like (and what you don’t like) in people. And if you’re lucky enough to leave MSU with one true friend, you can call yourself blessed. 

Before you meet your future Maid of Honor (or Groom of Honor—I don’t discriminate), however, you’re going to encounter many individuals. Here are just a few.


  1. 1. The Down Girl

    This friend is down for anything— and I mean anything. You need to study at the library at 3 am? She will help make flashcards. You want to stalk a boy at a frat party? She’s got on all black and is ready to go. You need her to hang out with the best friend of the boy you’re interested in? She’s your girl.  

  2. 2. The Partier

    This friend is always out. Bars? She’s friends with every bouncer. Frats? She’s a regular at each one. You have no idea how she stays sane or passes her classes. You don’t know if you should be worried for her health or grateful for how fun she makes every situation.  

  3. 3. The Ghost

    You sit by her in your IAH class. You tell her your life story, and she tells you hers. She gives you both advice on if you should respond to his Snapchat and answers to the homework. Then, the semester ends and poof! She’s gone.

  4. 4. The Enabler

    This friend supports you no matter what. You failed a test? Shame on the professor for being unreasonable. You Snapchatted him back after he left you on “delivered” for 13 hours? That’s your power as a woman. You murdered someone? They probably deserved it. She has your back. In her eyes, you can do no wrong.

  5. 5. The “He’s Just My Friend. I Swear.”

    You need a ride at 3 am? He’s there. You want to watch a movie? His room is open (and a safe place). You refer to him as your future husband, but treat him like your brother. He’s the best. These friends are the best—don’t take them for granted or take advantage of them. 

  6. 6. The Future Trophy Wife

    This friend has a different team’s roster pulled up on her computer every day. She spends her time stalking athletes’ Instagram profiles and learning facts about sports to appear knowledgeable. She claims she loves the game, but you know she just loves the players. 

  7. 7. The Recruiter

    You can’t have a normal conversation with this friend without her plugging her sorority. She lives, breathes, and sleeps Greek life. She begs you to rush, so you can be more than friends. You can be sisters.

  8. 8. The Hopeless Romantic

    There are seven billion people in the world, and this girl claims her soulmate is in East Lansing. Everything is a movie— from the way he looked at her in class to the way he kissed her on the platform as “UCLA” played magically in the background. She invites boys over— not to have sex, but to cuddle.

  9. 9. The Onion

    This girl has layers upon layers. You think you know her, then— boom! She tells you she has four dates this week and that she was adopted from Argentina. She keeps you guessing. You’re not quite sure if her name is even her real name.

  10. 10. The Future Millionaire

    This friend has their life figured out. Everywhere is a networking event. They talk about stocks and actually know what they’re talking about. You leave your lunch dates feeling both inspired by their ambition and terrified by the fact that you don’t even know what you’re eating for dinner tonight.

Over 50,000 students attend Michigan State. Smile. Be kind. Be a person people can vent to. Your people will come—I promise.