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New Things I Incorporated in My Skincare Routine This Fall

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I started this fall with a whole bucket list of new products I’ve been wanting to try since the summer. With each new season, comes new skin problems, and I was determined to protect my skin from redness, irritation, and a new breakout. I saw some great results and am very excited to continue this routine well into winter.

As a disclaimer, the following are things that worked for my skin and may not work the same for yours. Don’t forget to consult a skincare professional before trying out something new.

1. Rose water

Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and skin irritation. It kept my skin cool and fresh and didn’t make my skin feel tight. It especially helped with fresh pimples on my face and didn’t make them burn as much as they might usually. It is also used as a natural toner because of antibacterial and antioxidant properties. I’ve noticed less redness and swelling around more sensitive areas on my skin, and that’s a win in my book.

2. Essence water

I started using a mild essence and applied it to my skin after my morning vitamin C. If you’re not using stronger active treatments, essence can go on your skin right after cleansing. A more detailed explanation is linked here

This helped keep my skin more hydrated throughout the day and prevented excessive oiliness and greasiness on my face. Essence waters are usually loaded with antioxidants, preventing further damage from ultraviolet rays and pollutants. 

3. 2% Salicylic Acid

I started incorporating a 2% salicylic acid treatment into my skincare routine, and it has worked wonders. A lot of my older acne scars have gotten lighter, excess sebum production is under control, and it is a great exfoliator. I did take my time with this and started by using it only a couple times a week. My skin also appeared smoother and less bumpy.

As with many skincare products, all of these helped keep my skin under control and did not eradicate acne from my face. My main goal here was to see if I could address a lot of seasonal problems that my skin had, and these products did the trick. I will continue using them to see if there are more long term benefits that I am yet to discover.

Sanskriti is an undergraduate astrophysics major who loves to read and is very passionate about making and eating dumplings. She is the current Vice President of the Astronomy Club at Michigan State University, and can often be found hunting for new horror podcasts to listen to.