Need a New Female-Run Brand to Support? Try Cherry On Top

I had the pleasure of interviewing Grace and Jillie, who are the amazing women behind Cherry on Top — a small business that has been on the rise for the last two months. 

Tell me about Cherry On Top. 

Jillie: We are a sustainable, female run, handmade bag business that is the must-have accessory you need in your wardrobe. Cherry On Top is run by my best friend Grace and I.

How did you come up with the idea and the name? 

The idea for the business came from myself. I thought that Grace and I would be a perfect team for creating a business since that is something we have always dreamed of. I thought of the name Cherry On Top because it was a reflection of Grace and I’s friendship. We are each other's cherry on top and all cherries come in two!

What is the message of Cherry On Top? 

Our mission is for our bags to be the "cherry on top" for your outfit and to feel like the confident person you deserve to be. We want you to shop at Cherry On Top knowing that you’ll find the perfect bag for yourself.

How do you divide up tasks, or do either of you have specialties?

Both Grace and I have our individual specialties. Grace is the lead designer and creator of the bags. She creates, sews and designs all the bags – creating all the physical products. I am the creative director and social media marketer. My duties are to run all social media accounts and create all content. It’s not just black and white for us, however, we're still trying to dip our toes in the system and collaboratively work to achieve what’s best for our brand. 

What are some experiences that Cherry On Top has given you? 

Cherry On Top has given us an endless amount of experiences. From marketing all the way to physical product production. It has strengthened our marketing skills as well as public relations writing. We believe that creating a business is some of the best experiences offered in the world of advertising and business. 

What is unique about your business? 

There is no script to how I plan the social media posts and aesthetic. I truly try to be creative and free flowing, which in the business realm of Instagram is breaking the rules. However, I believe our Instagram reflects Cherry on Top — unique and unpredictable. Our business is unique because we do not follow the rules of fashion. All our products are homemade, and our collections differ exponentially each season. 

What are some of your goals for the brand?

Our goal is for Cherry On Top to not just sell purses. We would love to dive into clothing design and jewelry. We would love for our company to grow and become more well known. The world is our oyster!

What can we expect from your next collection?

You can expect completely new designs for our next collection. Grace and I are working to design completely new purse concepts that will be great for the winter season. You can also expect a brand-new product (hint: It’s something you wear!) 

Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to start a business?

Our advice for anyone starting a business is to always start somewhere. When Grace and I first created Cherry On Top, we often compared ourselves to other companies with large followings, however every company started somewhere to get where they are now. Also, we believe that customer engagement is essential. At Cherry On Top, we try to communicate and answer as many questions for customers as possible.

Thank you so much to Grace and Jillie for letting me interview them! 

If you’re interested in checking out Cherry On Top, find them on Instagram here