Of Nature and of Nurture

The more I learn about myself

The more I am forced to ask

Whether I am a being of nature

Or of nurture


The further I journey through life,

The more I become aware 


Who am I?

Am I the conglomeration of all that has come before me?

Some messy puzzle stitched together

Yet still scarred by the mistakes of my predecessors?


Or am I something altogether different

Perhaps a book

Partially full-- waiting for completion

 I may never have the answer to these questions.


But maybe nature vs nurture is not so much a definition that will be gifted upon me,

As it is one I will carve out for myself

With every step I take,

And every cycle I break,

Let justice spring forth!

Let this be the era of free will!

Let us stand! Triumphant over nature and triumphant over nurture!

Let us make each day our own.

As we wander closer to our own definitions

And further from a life defined 

by the definitions handed out to us.