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Nadia Plemons, May 2022

Name: Nadia Plemons

Major: International Relations at James Madison College 

Minor: Spanish and Women & Gender Studies 

Hometown: Bloomfields, MI 


What drew you to MSU?

When I was applying to schools the only thing I knew was that I wanted to stay in Michigan and when I saw the James Madison College at MSU, I fell in love with the programs. Some of the programs covered subjects such as international relations which resembled my Model UN experiences during high school. My decision to go to MSU was based off of the James Madison College along with joining my friends at a Big 10 University. 


If you could have any career (or none at all) what would it be?

My ideal career would be an occupation in which I could evoke change targeted towards creating equality in multiple parts within our society. The first thing I would want to tackle is gender inequality as that is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of fixing “equality”. I am unsure of what profession would give me the opportunity to go about my plans however, my dream job is to work for the United Nations as an advocate for policies towards gender equality.


As someone who is nearing graduation, what are your plans?

Currently I am studying for the LSAT in hopes of going to law school where my journey would start. This is something that is definitely easier said than done because there is so much to change that has to be done by lawmakers and the public.


What inspired you to create MSU Students Standing with Survivors?

When I told my classmates that I was planning on attending MSU, I was asked about my feelings towards the Nassar case and how that would impact my decision towards MSU. My response was that MSU is not the only school that had a sexual harassment case ( still is no excuse) it was the fact that it was caught because unfortunately, sexual harrasment is common and gets brushed under the rug which displays the crucial need to change policies and alter the culture. I wanted for there to be a club that welcomed survivors, provided resources and a safe space, and spread accurate, important information about sexual harassment.


How would you explain MSU Students Standing with Survivors to non-members, and why it is important? How can non-members get involved?

At first, myself and other board members were unsure on how to pursue a club during these times but just like everything else at the moment, we strongly rely on social media. We utilize social media to spread information relating to resources for survivors, information about support for survivors, and educational posts about sexual harassment. Occasionally we have guest speakers join our meetings such as prosecutors, nurses , and representatives from the Centers of Survivors. Our club focuses on learning as well as communication skills. The club also coordinates with the Center for Survivors at MSU through volunteering and fundraising. If you find yourself curious about MSU Students Standing with Survivors, interested in learning new information about sexual harassment and resources,  or want to join then feel free to contact us @msussws (Instagram). We are continuously looking for feedback or ideas that could help the club grow. 


Do you have specific goals for MSU Students Standing with Survivors, and where do you hope to see the club a year from now? 

Every time someone reaches out and thanks the club for its resources and education it shows us that we are making a difference even if it starts with just a couple of people. In the future we plan on expanding fundraising events and begin to evoke a policy change at MSU to build a safe environment for all students. I want to be able to look back and see a campus that is educated to treat survivors and that works on how to prevent sexual assault. We have hopes to talk to the Office of Institutional Equity at MSU to review the Title IX policy. Our goal is to join the conversation and give them our thoughts about the policy. We believe Title IX to be beneficial to the perpetrator and extremely traumatizing to the survivor and hope for that to change.  


What advice do you have for others who wish to take on a leadership role such as yourself, but are hesitant to do so?

If you have a plan or idea and think you cannot achieve it, stop to consider the chances that someone has the same idea and energy to do it! Building an organization is all about teamwork and it is important to surround yourself with a productive group who share your vision. It is worth pursuing something you are passionate about even if you do not know exactly how or what the outcome will be. Don’t be so hard on yourself during the process because at the end of the day you are trying to share your passion with others.