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My Winter Skincare Routine

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I’m someone who struggles with dry skin year round, but when the weather starts to get colder and dryer, my skin starts to resemble a lizard in the desert unless I do something about it. Adjusting your skincare routine to focus on hydration during the winter months can be difficult, but over the years I’ve learned tips and tricks to keep your skin soft and smooth all winter long.

Tips and Tricks: 

  1. One thing I do year round, but especially in the winter months, is to skip cleansing in the morning. If you cleanse at night, you probably don’t need to do it again in the morning. Just splashing water on your face and jumping into the rest of your routine will keep your skin from drying out excessively. 
  2. Moisturizer on wet skin. Trust me, it works wonders. A lot of moisturizers have ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which work way better if applied to damp skin. When your skin is wet, your products will penetrate deeper and leave your face feeling soft and moisturized all day long. 
  3. Incorporate hydrating face masks into your routine. I know most face masks contain clay – which are meant to absorb excess oils in your face and clear your pores. That’s not exactly what you want in the wintertime if you’re facing excessive dryness. Most face masks that focus on hydration are meant to be applied overnight – like an extra thick moisturizer. Using these a couple of times a week in place of your regular moisturizer will protect your skin barrier throughout the winter season.
  4. Brush your lips. As someone with chronically dry lips – as I’ll get into later – I’ll constantly have dead skin to exfoliate. While lip scrubs can be fun and easy to DIY, I’ve found nothing works better than a toothbrush. After you’re done brushing your teeth, run your toothbrush over your lips for about a minute. My lips are always soft and pink after I do this, and it always makes your products look better.

My Winter Skincare Routine

Cleansing: As someone who wears makeup almost every day, the only way I can avoid cleansing in the morning is if I double cleanse at night. Starting off with an oil based cleanser or micellar water will remove makeup, SPF, and the dirt and oils that accumulate on your face throughout the day. A second cleanser will more thoroughly cleanse your face and can also get anything left over from the first cleanse. I’ve been using the Sulwhasoo cleansing oil since September and the First Aid Beauty cleanser since October and have been getting great results with both. For a more affordable makeup remover, the Garnier micellar water has been a staple in my routine since last year.

Moisturizing: Toners, essences, and serums can be great for your skincare routine, but I personally believe the less products you use, the better it is for your face in the long run. I love the CeraVe moisturizer for dry skin and the Clinique moisturizer, and I’ve used both of them for a while. For the days where I need a bit more hydration, my favorite overnight masks are the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask and the Origins Overnight Hydrating Face Mask. If you’re looking for brands that are a little more affordable, CeraVe and Elf skincare are some of my personal favorites. 

Lips: I have chronically chapped lips. I keep a lip balm in every bag and in each corner of my room. I will wake up with absolutely crusty lips if I don’t put something strong on them the night before. I’ve used a lot of lip masks – some that I like and some that I think were overhyped. As much as I love my lip masks, nothing works better for me than good old Vaseline. Using a bit of Vaseline before going to bed will have you waking up to baby soft lips. If you’re not a fan of Vaseline or just love lip masks more, some of my favorites that I’ve used are the Elf holy hydration lip mask, the Fenty lip oil, and the Farmacy lip smoothie.

While these are just some of my favorite products that have worked best for me, don’t be afraid to try an array of products. Everyone’s skin is different, so find what fits you best as the air grows colder.

Risa Bhutani is a junior at Michigan State University studying accounting. She is also the events director for Her Campus at Michigan State and enjoys creating core memories for people in the chapter through events. She is a fan of reality TV, true crime, reading, and hiking in her spare time.