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Every year, the best job on campus – otherwise known as MSU Greenline – hosts an end of the year banquet to celebrate the success of the callers, staff, and management, who put their whole hearts into helping give back to Michigan State University.

MSU Greenline is a student-run call center program at Michigan State that speaks to people about giving back to the MSU community. This past week, I had the pleasure of attending my second annual Greenline Gala. These events are a highlight of the semester and something we all look forward to between our busy class and work schedule. It is a time to get together with friends, dress up, take pictures with Sparty, and much more! 

While events like this only occur once a year in the spring, the best job on campus keeps us busy every week with all sorts of events. We also just completed another successful “Full Court Support,” where we hosted a volleyball tournament to raise money for funds on campus! 

As I sit here and write this in the Greenline room, I look around at all my best friends that I feel so lucky to call my coworkers. I hope my next week with the best job on campus is just as good as the previous!

Audrey Williams is a junior at Michigan State University studying Criminal Justice with a minor in Law, Justice and Public Policy. In her free time, she enjoys practicing archery with the MSU archery team. Audrey Williams enjoys writing about pop culture, music, and tv shows.