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Move-out is coming around the corner for Michigan State University. This year, finals week ends on April 26, so if you currently live on campus, you have to be moved out by 8 p.m. that day. If you want, you can book a late-stay through your housing account, however, final check out time is noon on April 28. Since these dates are swiftly approaching, I decided to create a list of helpful move out tips for those leaving the dorms.

  1. Start early (if you can)

It makes everything so much easier if you start packing before your official move out date. It can be hectic and chaotic to get everything out of your room, so the more prepared you are, the less painful it will be. Your future self will thank you, especially after finals week.

  1. Only take what you need

Over the course of a year, you can accumulate some trinkets and random items. You won’t want and/or need every single item in your dorm, so sorting your stuff between things to donate and keep will make things go faster. At MSU, you can take unwanted furniture and carpets to designated disposal areas in your residence hall. I recommend getting rid of stuff like your shower caddy for sanitary purposes.

  1. Make a plan with your roommate

This only applies if you have a roommate, but communication is key. It’s a good idea to figure out who’s keeping what, when you’re both moving out, and each other’s expectations for moving out. Having a plan makes it easier than winging it.

  1. Clean before leaving

I know not everyone enjoys cleaning, but it is essential! The dorms at MSU are old and dusty, so going over things quickly with some windex or a Swiffer can make a big difference.

  1. Pack your stuff into separate containers

This may seem like common sense, but make sure to put your toiletries in one bin and your clothes in another. When you’re unpacking your stuff at home, it will make it simpler to find things if similar items are put together.

Whether it’s your first time moving out or your last, I hope it goes smoothly. Moving out can be a stressful process, but hopefully my tips make it a little bit easier!

Jordan is a freshman at Michigan State University studying Journalism. This is her first semester as a writer for Her Campus. In her free time, Jordan enjoys reading, baking, writing, and traveling.