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My Review of Taylor Swift’s ‘Era’s Tour’ Movie as Someone Who Didn’t See the  Live Tour

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

As the general population of earth is aware, Taylor Swift has spent the past several months on the North American leg of her record breaking tour. Some were lucky enough to win the “Great War” and got tickets to see this brilliant show live, while others watched from the “Other Side Of the Door” through a blurry live stream as she fearlessly performed 3 hour shows each and every weekend. If you’re anything like myself, then you had to “tolerate it” until she announced the Era’s Tour movie. So here lies a genuine review of the Era’s Tour movie from someone who wasn’t a “Lucky One”, and didn’t get to see the live show.

To begin with, it’s essential to mention the pure energy within the theater. It truly felt as though everyone in the room was at the actual tour itself. With friendship bracelet trading, the cutest outfits, and screaming fangirls, it was the closest comparison to the show energy itself. 

My friends and I sat in the very front row, eager to be as close to the screen version of Swift as possible. The acoustics and visuals within the movie  were so clear and loud that it truly transformed the theater into SOFI Stadium, which is where the particular show they filmed took place. 

I took the liberty of attempting to avoid all spoilers of the show before I went to see it. This allowed for me to have a true reaction to all aspects of the event. There were particular parts of the show that drove the most emotion out of me. The first being the “tolerate it” performance. I was awestruck. The raw emotion performed physically by Swift during that scene went straight to my heart. 

Another little easter egg that I noticed had to do with the set of the performance, which was the use of the “Lover” house during almost every era of the show. From her lying on the roof during the “evermore” era, to it burning during “Bad Blood”, it was such a nice play on a pivotal piece of Swift’s career. 

Now for one of my favorite moments on this tour: the surprise songs. I felt so excited that I finally got to have my own little version of surprise songs. For this show, we got to have “Our Song” and “ You’re On Your Own Kid”. I love that we got to hear one from both her debut album, “Taylor Swift”, and her most recent album, “Midnights”. “You’re On Your Own Kid” made me absolutely crumble. That song meant a lot to me from the moment it was released, and getting to hear it “live” so clearly put so much in perspective for me. 

I also want to spend a moment appreciating Swift’s whole team. From her dancers, to her band, to her backing vocalist; each has such talent that makes the show as successful and entertaining as it is. You can really see the true relationship Swift has with each and every person on her team. Such chemistry is demonstrated on the stage. I was thoughtfully entertained by one of her backup dancers in particular named Kameron Saunders. He is so individually talented and entertaining. Mixed with Swift’s talent, they create an impeccable duo. 

The attentive details of the film, including the specific moments they chose to and not to capture, the camera angles, the choice of surprise songs, and the fans in the crowd in which the film chose to show were so carefully selected. I can ultimately tell that Swift took her time to allow this movie to be another one of her pride and joys. There is a very small amount of things Swift does that aren’t  carefully planned out. This allows for each and every one of her projects to be truly successful. Not only monetary success or popularity success, but impact success; and this movie is no exception. 

If you are a fellow swiftie and have been interested in seeing the Era’s Tour movie, this is your sign! To laugh, cry, sing, and dance your heart out in a room full of people who entertain the same interest as you is the most heartwarming experience that you need to feel. So “make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it”, and go see the beauty that is Taylor Swift: The Era’s Tour, in theaters now!

Mya is currently a 19 year old sophomore at MSU majoring in Communication. She loves to read, write, and listen to music. She aspires to one day become a publicist for a major music company. She is just beginning her first year with HerCampus and is super eager to be involved in the chapter. Mya's particular writing interest involve writing a lot about current media, music, and and important issues going on within society. She specifically loves to talk about anything Taylor Swift related, so that tends to be a common theme in her work. To follow Mya on social media you can follow her instagram @mya.barr