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At Michigan State University, a majority of students have been remote since March of 2020 with the exception of very few programs – if any-  and very few on campus jobs. For the most part, student organizations are all remote as well. Personally, all of my student organizations haven’t had any in person events.


March 2020 was over a year ago now.


A majority of Michigan, and everywhere else, are working hard to remain open and open up,  but even in the middle schools and highschools that are hybrid there seems to be constant outbreaks pushing them back remote.


First and foremost, I want to stay safe and I want my family and friends to stay safe. However, hopefully by the time fall semester 2021 rolls round, it will be safe for us to go back to in person learning and hopefully we will at least be hybrid. 


I miss sitting in lecture halls, I miss walking around our campus and grabbing lunch in the cafeteria with my friends. I miss going to the library and I even miss having to run so I wouldn’t miss the bus. I miss seeing the members of my HC chapter in person at our events.


I actually went through sorority recruitment virtually this past fall and I have been lucky enough to safely meet a few of my sisters in person, but there are about 100 of my sisters who I am looking forward to meeting in the fall.


Going to MSU, I, much like any other typical MSU student, chose MSU for the atmosphere alongside the education. I am missing the game day atmosphere and the constant school spirit, I miss all of the weird traditions that have been missing.


I hope that by Fall 2021 we will safely be able to be hybrid so we can all receive a real education we spent years preparing for and experience what we waited our entire lives for.

Kaytlyn is a junior at MSU majoring in business and minoring in Korean and Creative Writing. She was involved in journalism throughout high school. She is also involved in the wrestling club at MSU. Kaytlyn was previously the events director for her chapter of HC and currently serving as a campus correspondent.
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