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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

1. Dance Moms

I have watched this show at least three times already, but I keep coming back to it. I love drama, and this show has an abundance of drama, whether it’s the moms fighting with the dance instructor Abby, or it’s the children upset they did not get a solo. The first three seasons are my absolute favorite. I will admit I have never watched season eight all the way through, as I am more attached to the original dancers. Overall, this is one of my go-to shows when I need to fold laundry or when I need a background noise. 

2. New Girl

This show is definitely one of my comfort shows. I go in phases where I will watch it constantly and then go months without watching it at all. When I found out Netflix is removing New Girl, I was devastated because it is one of my favorite shows to watch. One of the best parts about this show is, once you know the general background of the characters, you can watch any season. It is definitely worth watching because when I first started watching it, I was not expecting much; but it is so funny and I love the concept behind the show and how Jess lives in an apartment with all men. 

3. Mandalorian

This show actually surprised me as I have never watched any of the Star Wars movies. I was expecting to be super confused, but that was not the case. There are some mentions that would make more sense if I were to have watched Star Wars, but it did not hinder me from understanding what was happening. I recently binged the first two seasons within 3-4 days. I was absolutely hooked. And now that season three is streaming, I was excited to start watching it again, but the episodes are released weekly. I’m the type of person who will wait an extra month or two to be able to watch the full season without waiting.

Lyric is a second-year MSU student majoring in social science education. She joined Her Campus to make new friends and join a club where inclusivity is promoted.