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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

I hate winter. Well, that’s not exactly true. For the first month, I love winter! The vibes are absolutely immaculate! The feeling of the first snow is incomparable! Fresh powder covering the ground, cute little snowmen wherever you look! Winter is adorable, until the cold sets in. The fresh powder turns to gross gray slush that gets stuck in any crevice of your shoes it can find. By the time it reaches mid January, I’m over it. For the rest of winter you can find me inside cuddled up with my cat and my heated blanket, hibernating until spring. If you’re like me and stay inside during the winter months, or if you just need tv recommendations, stay tuned for my top (in no particular order) bingeable tv shows guaranteed to get you through the rest of the winter.

‘New Girl

‘New Girl’ is a classic sitcom with lovable characters and fun episodes that makes all seven seasons an easy bingefest. I’ve probably rewatched the whole thing at least four times in my 19 years of life. The premise of it is a girl who is put in an unfortunate situation where she has to live with three male roommates. It’s got both comedy and romance. I would 100% recommend it to anyone and everyone.

‘The Boys’ 

To say ‘The Boys’ is a unique show is putting it lightly. It’s raunchy, funny, gory, and honestly out of pocket. The whole principle of the show is pretty much what would happen if, in a world just like ours, there were people with superpowers– but the twist is that, unlike Superman, those gifted with powers are pretty immoral for the most part. This show features a great cast and production. It’s definitely binge worthy if you don’t mind a whole lot of violence.

‘Gen V’ 

‘Gen V’ is a sequel to ‘The Boys,’ and I would say it’s equivalent to if not more violent and shocking then ‘The Boys.’ ‘Gen V’ takes place in the world of ‘The Boys,’ where the main character attends a college for people who have special abilities. I personally enjoyed this show more than ‘The Boys’ and would definitely put it as a top recommendation.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ 

This show is definitely bingeable. With 12 seasons, it’ll definitely get you through the winter. The show follows two genius roommates, their friends, and their neighbor as they go through their daily life. Once again, a comedy that has some touches of romance to it. Who could ask for anything more?

‘Young Sheldon

‘Young Sheldon’ is a spin off to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ that follows one of the main characters, Sheldon’s, childhood with him as the narrator. While not as good as ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ I would still recommend it!

‘The Good Place’ 

‘The Good Place’ is one of my all time favorite tv shows. The main character Eleanor is played by Kristen Bell (who is the voice actor for Anna from ‘Frozen’) who dies and goes to heaven. The twist: she doesn’t belong there. Eleanor tries to become a better person worthy of heaven all the while trying to not get outed for not belonging there.

‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ 

This show is currently airing on Disney+, and all and all it has been a great adaptation of the books. The acting is great and the show is run by the writer of the ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ book series, which helps it feel more authentic in general. I definitely recommend this show to any Greek Mythology nerds out there.

Hopefully this little list of my top bingeable tv shows will help you find your perfect winter hibernation buddy. These ten shows have been so helpful getting me through these bitter months and hopefully they will help you too! Don’t forget to cuddle your furry friends while you watch them!

Anna is a sophomore studying preveterinary medicine at Michigan State University and is so excited to be a part of Her Campus at MSU! Although her major is not anything writing related she has a big interest in journalism and any sort of creative writing as a whole. Anna hopes that her articles bring joy to anyone who reads them! In her free time Anna enjoys kayaking, paddle boarding, reading, and painting! Anna has pretty low expectations and is happy pretty much anywhere close to nature. If she's not on the beach, you can find Anna at a coffee house because despite having a heart condition Anna has a crippling caffeine addiction. Anna believes that she single handedly could keep Starbucks in business with the amount of times she goes a week! Anna’s one saving grace from being a woman in STEM is her dorm cat Poppy, who keeps her sane and is often featured on Anna’s social media (although some may say the amount of times Poppy is “featured” Anna’s accounts are just as much Poppy’s as they are Anna’s). You can find Anna on snapchat and instagram at “awiezperson” (a pun Anna thinks is hilarious but in all reality is not).