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My Delta Watchlist and Other Series I’ve Seen In The Past Month

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

Below is a list of new shows I have been watching. I’ve split the list into two, one for movies and another for series. This article is the serial list and I do consider most of these shows binge-worthy!  

Birdgirl 2021 – still going (Adult Swim/HBO Max/Delta Airlines) 

I love this show. It is so addicting.Top Things To Know: 1. It’s a new cartoon series  2. The theme song is catchy and—oh my gosh!—so easy to follow  3. In the cartoon superhero world, it captures the type of storylines and interests of both women in comic culture and standard graphic novel enthusiasts. In other words, it is the perfect show for me

Shrill 2019 – 2021 (Hulu/Delta Airlines)

I found this series at the end of its run. I want it to continue but at the same time I know it can’t possibly due to its memoirist roots. Shrill is adapted from Lindy West’s Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman. An extremely cringe-worthy yet hilarious show, it is the type of dark humor that pretends to be a cotton ball instead of a storm cloud. As a human being living in the age of cancel culture and understanding cultural appropriation, this is relatable in a way you don’t want it to be relatable. Shrill is you and it punctuates all the misunderstandings you ever had.  

Emily in Paris 2020 – still going (Netflix)

I watched the first episode of this series because the Netflix cover looked intriguing. Big white letters spelling out EMILY IN PARIS and the face of a long-necked brunette in front of a pink background. I knew just from the name and the Audrey Hepburn-ish cover that this show was a trendy, quasi-dramatic romantic comedy. And I was right

I think the most interesting thing about this series is how the Parisians are portrayed. While I would not say that the director is wrong in their portrayal of the people, I myself was privy to such distaste from french Parisians. I am a bit surprised that it aired, especially since it was filmed in Paris. 

The story is a simple faux pas about a young woman living in another country, so for it to receive so much real life criticism seems a bit ironic to me. I think I will continue watching, but only to see if this becomes a story of Emily’s evolution as a person or if it continues to be a burgeoning cliche of: Main character manages to slowly charm everyone and turns all the supporting characters into becoming a bit more like the main character.


Ozarks 2017 – 2022 (Netflix)

I found this series a bit differently from the others: usually I pick and choose, this time, it was already playing when I came down to the living room of a couple of family friends in Ann Arbor. While I recognized Jason Bateman, I thought the name of this show was Land of the Ozarks and not Ozarks. I was very confused when Google kept showing me flood patterns for ‘Lake of the Ozarks’.

Even though I jumped in the middle of an episode in Season 4 the last season— keep that in mind— I still found the show captivating and addicting. Yes, I didn’t realize the true main characters were Jason Bateman’s Marty and his wife Wendy until they popped up in the second half of the episode, but still … great show!           

Love Or List It! 2008 – still going (HGTV) 

I had to put HGTV somewhere on this list, it is one of those channels that you see at the doctor’s office and slowly get hooked on. I love Hilary’s banter with David, her banter with the head project manager; any banter that involves Hilary is great

All HGTV shows are great stream-and-binge shows, but this one takes the cake for me due to the lovely hooks in the relationship of our lovely realtor-designer duo. But if you want a look at luxury housing styles, outside of Hilary’s standard open concept kitchen and living room which David and I can easily predict after a few episodes, best to look elsewhere on the channel.

An excited loudmouth, Celeste often needs to think before she says anything. As a writer, she can get overwhelmed by the composition of thought and barely writes any of her ideas into articles. A classic procrastinator that loves to pique at the interests of others. Please email any issues to rubinoce@msu.edu.
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