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My Current Top Three Dorm Decorations 

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Living in an 11×12 dorm with another person can make it a little awkward if you’re not used to sharing a room. The fun part about dorm life is decorating because it provides an outlet for expression and individuality on the pale walls that surround you. Here are my three favorite decorations (in no particular order) that I used to fill the space this year:

  1. Hanging Vines

Vines are a versatile decoration because they give off several different vibes. From cottage core to a chic and modern aesthetic, these are a cute idea to cover large amounts of wall space. This year, they are my favorite decoration. I went to Dollar Tree and bought bouquets of fake flowers and hot glued them to the vines. Now I have the cutest floral vine wall.

  1. Fairy Lights

If you have any light sensitivity, LED lights and twinkly fairy lights are the way to go. My roommate and I put lights across our ceiling, under our futon, and on the wall above our bed. We don’t even use the provided overhead light because it is way too bright for someone who frequently gets migraines. Additionally, they can be battery or electrically operated, have remotes, and can operate on timers! Multi-colored lights are great for adding a pop of color, and you can hang pictures from lights with clothespins for sentimental value!

  1. Vinyl Quotes

For my whole life, I have loved quotes. They live on my dry erase boards, wallpapers, notebooks, and desk. Now, they have made their way onto my walls. Most stores sell removable wall decals with quotes written on them. They are great space fillers in between picture frames or above your bed. My current favorite wall decal says, “Quiet the mind and the soul will speak,” and it sits above my pillows on my lofted bed!

Bonus: Posters!

This one was a last minute addition. I recently attended a poster sale at the MSU Union and got cute posters to cover the last bit of wall space in my room. Posters are a fun way to express interest in music, locations, TV shows, and art in general. I 100% recommend checking out the poster sale in the Union when it rolls back around during the Spring semester!

Overall, I am a décor fiend. I will buy pictures and quotes every day until I no longer have room on my walls. I am thankful for that trait because it gives life to my new home away from home and allows me to feel more like myself.

Mikia Lawrence is the current Vice President and Co- Campus Correspondent of MSU's Her Campus Chapter and is starting her first year of the position. She oversees chapter operation and assists with internal as well as external affairs such as meeting planning, brand partnerships, and recruiting. Lawrence is also a part of the design and editing teams to create graphics and edit content for her chapter. She is a junior journalism major at MSU with minors in broadcast journalism and leadership of organizations. She was an anchor and the producer for her high school's daily live announcements throughout her four years. In the 2024 spring semester she was an intern at HOMTV in Meridian Township. In her free time, she enjoys watching sports with friends, reading, writing, and playing dinosaurs with her little brother.