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You made it! After surviving 4 years of high school (and maybe a year of online college), you have finally arrived in East Lansing. With over 5,000 acres of land and nearly 40,000 students, there’s plenty to explore so here are 5 must-dos for every Spartan!

1. Attend a game: 

While a football or basketball game is something everyone should experience at least once, don’t forget about the other sports! MSU’s 21 other varsity sports include volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, and more. Check the MSU App to see who’s playing and grab your friends for a great evening. 

2. Grab some ice cream at the MSU Dairy Store: 

Who doesn’t love ice cream? With unique flavors like Sticky Bun and Banana Chocolate Chip, MSU’s Dairy Store is serving up some delicious dairy treats! Stop by Anthony Hall and grab a scoop. 

3. Walk around the Red Cedar: 

There are plenty of trails and sidewalks to hike along the river. You can sit along the water’s edge and watch the ducks and geese playing around, or take photos of the Autumn leaves from one of the bridges. The Red Cedar provides a peaceful escape from the stress of the school year. 

4. Take a picture with the Spartan Statue: 

Head up to the intersection of Kalamazoo and Beal to pose with the iconic bronze sculpture. Many students and alumni take photos there for graduation, weddings, and other monumental events, but it’s never too early to start a collection!

5. Eat at every dining hall:

 It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of eating wherever is closest, but MSU’s 10 dining halls each offer something different. Some favorites include Tandoori at Akers, Cayenne’s at Brody, or the Landon Bistro. Also, don’t forget to use your Combo X-Change at The Workshop in the STEM Building, or Crossroads Foodcourt in the International Center.
No matter how you spend your time here, you’ll find a way to make your experience your own. Go Green!

Rachel is a 2nd Year Student at MSU's James Madison College studying Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy with a double minor in Business, and Science, Technology, Environment, and Public Policy. After graduation, she hopes to become a public interest lawyer or work in some government sector. She is an avid camper and enjoys spending her time in the great outdoors fishing, hiking, or bird watching. Rachel also enjoys reading, cooking, crocheting, and trying as many bubble tea places as she can find.
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