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MSU Kappa Alpha Theta Presents Their Annual Mr. Casanova Pageant

Kappa Alpha Theta hosted their 6th annual Mr. Casanova Male Beauty Pageant, on Thursday, Nov. 10th.   All of the proceeds of this event were donated to Theta’s philanthropy, Court Appointed Special Advocates, also referred to as CASA.  The national organization’s main purpose is to help abused and neglected children.  CASA volunteers stand up for them in their court cases and represent them until each case is closed.  Once their cases are closed each child is placed in a new, safe and permanent home.  Each attendee’s admission fee into the event went to supporting these children and CASA. 


Nine contestants competed in front of a panel of judges for the title of Mr. Casanova.  Judges ranged from MSU athletes, such as Michele LeBlanc and Kurt Wunderlich, to Student Investment Association members, such as Michelle Swanic. 


The contest started with an “out on the town” outfit runway walk. 


“They were asked a series of questions, and we compiled their best answers into a brief introduction to give a taste of who they are,” host Kathryn Gardner said. 


After, the contestants were put through a rapid fire section of questions, they modeled their “occupational” wear, resulting in some off-the-wall costumes, then moved to the swimsuit wear, finishing in their tuxedos. 


“American speedos were surprisingly very popular tonight,” Theta Chandler Stimach said. 


In the end, Theta Chi member, Maxwell Isaacoff, came out on top.  “I wasn’t going to compete at first, but I’m really happy that I did,” Isaacoff said.  After the event was all said and done, Theta raised hundreds of dollars for CASA.


“We raised a ton of money and everybody had a great time,” philanthropy chair Chelsea Estes said. “We’re hoping to do this again next year.”

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