Meet the Editors: Marissa Russo and Alena Davis

Names: Marissa Russo & Alena Davis

Year: Seniors

Major: Journalism 


MR: Fraser, Mich.

AD: Clinton Twp., Mich.

Organization: Her Campus Michigan State 

Your Role: Co-Editor-in-Chiefs / Campus Correspondants 


What is Her Campus?  

Her Campus is the #1 online and offline community for college women. Written entirely by the world's top college journalists, features national content on Style, Beauty, Health, Love, Life, Career. 


What made you get involved with Her Campus?

We took over the MSU chapter in January 2013 in hopes to gain more experience in editorial style journalism. We both are interested in working within the magazine world after graduation and knew this would be a good step in preparing us for our future career. This gave us a chance to oversee our own publication and have control in what we write about. 


What responsibilities come with your position?

After creating a staff of some of the most fabulous, stylish and talented writers at MSU, we are responsible for updating out site with content. Along with editing articles, we are constantly thinking of ways to improve our chapter and promote it throughout the MSU community. 


 Reasons we love HC:

AD: Her Campus is is unlike anything we have at MSU. It feels great to say I helped bring a different kind of publication to our school.

MR: HC has given me the opportunity to write about topics that I care about. It has also allowed me to meet some really great people on campus through the club itself and through doing interviews with campus celebs and cuties!


Favorite spot on Campus:

AD: The Beal Gardens! In the spring time, the flowers are so pretty. In the fall, I love going there when the leaves are changing.

MR: I am in love with Benefactors Plaza—the fountain behind student services. I love going there to just sit and think or to study! It’s so pretty. I also love the Union. I just love the constant flow of traffic and the convenience of Biggby!


Fun fact about yourself:

AD: I have a slight obsession with peanut butter. I currently have five different kinds in my cupboard. 

MR: Although spend a lot of my time getting my "news" from Harper's Bazaar and E! News, I spend just as much time reading and I am a "political junkie".