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Making Friends in College When You’re Not a Partier

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After about a year and a half of isolation, returning to a college campus is rightfully a bit of a shock. The campus is jam-packed with friends traveling down Grand River in groups of twenty. Parties rage on every night, with hundreds of people seemingly having the time of their lives. Though we’re only about three weeks in, it’s hard not to feel incredibly lonely if you haven’t found your people yet. College itself can feel lonely, in such a new place with thousands of unfamiliar faces. It can feel even lonelier when you don’t enjoy partying every night, which is how many people make their friends. But don’t fear! There are other ways to make friends in college if you don’t enjoy the partying scene. 

Try To Stop Worrying, At Least a Little 

There are thousands of people on MSU’s campus. It would be absurd to think that your future best friends are the first people that you meet! Finding your people takes time, and you have so much of it! So, try to calm down a little, and rest assured that you will make friends!

Find a Club That Aligns With Your Interests. 

There is no better way to find friends than to be in a room full of people that share the same hobby or interest as you. Even if you missed out on the opportunity to check out all the clubs at Sparticipation, don’t worry! Clubs are always excited to have new members at any point in time. Do a deep dive into the MSU clubs and organizations websites, and search up their social media pages. Make a point to attend a meeting for something that truly interests you. From there, spark up a conversation about the topic of the club with someone you end up sitting next to! You’re bound to have something in common. 

Spend Time in Common Areas

If you have some extra time between classes, make an effort to sit in the campus study and lounge areas instead of hiding in your room. Ask the people around you what they’re studying, compliment someone’s outfit, whatever it takes to get a conversation started. If you study in the same areas enough, you’ll become a familiar face for people who also spend time there. This opens you up to potential friends that you wouldn’t make by studying in your room!

Reach Out on Social Media

It’s 2021- we should all collectively stop being so afraid to hit up a potential friend on social media. Are you following someone on Instagram from your campus with a killer vibe? Comment on their photo and let them know you love their look! Even bolder, slide into their DMs and let them know they look cool online and seem fun to hang out with. Your potential friend will be nothing but flattered, and in the worst-case scenario, they don’t respond. There’s no harm in chatting with a potential friend online before you make plans to meet in the flesh. Sometimes, it’s even easier than trying to start a conversation in person. 

Connect With People in Your Classes

Don’t be afraid to speak up before or after class! If someone asked a question in class or seemed confused, ask them if they would be interested in studying together. Introduce yourself to the people sitting around you, spark up a conversation about the content that is being covered in class. It’s always easy to bond over how confused you are with a topic, and this provides an easy gateway to getting to know someone better. 

College can be the best time of your life, but it can also be the scariest. It’s easier with people surrounding you that support you. Your people will come, no matter what kind of college experience you’re looking for!

Miranda is a political science prelaw and journalism major at Michigan State University. She loves yoga, pasta salad, and plants (she currently has 42!).
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