Madeleine Cunningham, '19

Name: Madeleine Cunningham

Year: Junior

Major: Elementary education with a focus in language arts

Hometown: Brighton, Michigan

Why did you choose elementary education as your major?

I loved school growing up and knew that I had the patience and creativity to engage my future students in a way that would enhance their learning and be a positive learning space for all children. (And I love kids more than anything.)

What organizations are you/have you been involved in?

Love Your Melon.

Tell me about Love Your Melon and why you are involved in it.

Love Your Melon is an organization run by college students around the U.S. on a mission to put a beanie on every child's head battling cancer. You buy things online and for every item bought, a beanie is donated. We deliver hats in the hospitals, hold promotional events, and partner with other organizations, like Be The Match, to help spread the word about their missions as well. We also do special adventure days with individual little fighters and do very special things with them.

What do you hope to do after graduation and why?

I hope to be a teacher after I graduate, to continue traveling, to have a family, to open businesses... I have a lot I'd like to do.