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Macy Niemisto, ’18

Name: Macy Niemisto

Year: Senior

Major: Interior Design

Hometown: Negaunee, Michigan

What is your favorite thing about attending MSU?

Being a part of a large community with a lot of pride. When you travel to different areas of the world while wearing something that says MSU on it, you will get a, "Go Green!" yelled to you. This also means that there are alumni spread around the globe as well, and the MSU Alumni Association can even help you get in touch with other Spartans if you are moving to a new area.

How did you end up majoring in interior design?

My senior year of high school I got an internship with an interior designer. During that year, I learned what interior design is all about and it is so much more than what you see on HGTV.

What do you wish people knew about your major?

I wish people knew that it is not just decorating. Choosing paint colors for a room is a part of our job, but that is one of the very last things we do in a project, and it is so minuscule compared to the rest of our responsibilities. We have to do research which leads us into our programming, then schematic design, and we have to properly draw up the construction documents the same that an architect does.

What on campus groups are you involved in and what are your positions?

I’m the founder and president of the HeForShe MSU Chapter, and a peer educator for Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence, or SARV, Prevention Program.

What social impact does this group make?

HeForShe is a solidarity campaign started by the UN Women to promote gender equality. Our chapter will focus on education and raising awareness about gender inequalities, and hopefully provide ways for Spartans and surrounding community members to show their support for all genders.

SARV teaches all first year students at MSU about the importance of consent, how to recognize an unhealthy relationship, how to become an active bystander, and how to support victims of sexual assault or relationship violence. SARV also provides a list and explanation of resources to the students for them to refer to if one of their friends, or themselves, become victims of these heinous crimes.

How can others get involved?

HeForShe is just getting started and our e-board is currently working on solidifying a time and place to have our first general meeting. If you are interested in joining, you can email me here. 

SARV Prevention Program is currently accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year. This is a paid position and definition work worth doing! You can access the application here.

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