A List of Things to Do While the World is on Lockdown

Let’s be honest — the situation at hand sucks. Many of us had to pack our things and go home two months early, and we’re only weeks, or even days, away from being forced into lockdown, making us stuck with our families indefinitely. In an attempt to save at least a little bit of your sanity, I created a list of things to do that will hopefully help keep the boredom at bay for a couple of hours a day.

  1. 1. Do Yoga

    There are plenty of yoga videos on Youtube. Make it a routine to take time for yourself to destress with some deep breaths and stretching to ease your nerves. 

  2. 2. Practice Self Care


    During the school year, it can get difficult to make time for yourself on a regular basis. Now there’s all the time in the world —  so light your favorite candle, put on your favorite face mask and take a bath. You deserve it.

  3. 3. Have a Dance Party

    Kayla Bacon-Carefree Fall 2

    If you’re a Grey's Anatomy fanatic like me, you already know what’s up. Sitting around all day can make anyone a little stir crazy, so turn up the music, maybe sneak a shot or two of tequila, and let it all out. 

  4. 4. Find Activities to Keep You Entertained

    Scrabble tiles that say 'read more'

    If you’re willing to go out before all the stores close down, I would recommend buying a few activities to keep busy for the next couple months. Look on Pinterest and find a project you want to do and get the supplies for it. Get a few books to read, snag a few board games or card games and any other activities that spark your interest.

  5. 5. Go For a Walk

    sandals sidewalk flowers

    Grab your dog, and get those steps in while you still can.

  6. 6. Do Your Makeup

    Makeup products

    This is the perfect time to spend a few hours watching makeup tutorials and then recreating them yourself, or just play around with it. It doesn’t have to turn out good since you’re the only one that will be seeing it! Also, it feels good to get done up every once in a while to remind yourself that you are that b*tch.

  7. 7. Look Into Things You’re Interested In

    I don’t mean read more articles on COVID-19, but take the time to research things you’re curious about. Stimulate your brain and learn new things while you have the time to do so. This may help you get out of your head for a little bit and shift your focus to something else.

  8. 8. Plan something with your friends for once this is all over

    The Lalafour Girls Standing

    Give yourself something to look forward to once the pandemic comes to an end. Plan a road trip, a vacation or a party that may last a few days, or weeks, once you’re back with all your closest friends. Celebrate when you can, we all deserve it.

I hope these ideas help you not go stir crazy. Remember, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the news just set your phone down for an hour or two and distract yourself. It’s good to keep updated with the latest news, but it’s unhealthy to consume it all day every day. This will end and we will all get through this together.